Book Launch - Barben's Magic Quest


Today I had the honour and privilege of attending the launch of Barben's Magic Quest at Coolum Beach Library on the Sunshine Coast. This is the latest children's book written by talented author Elaine Ouston and published by Morris Publishing.

Aleesah Darlison, who is a multi-published author herself formally opened the launch with enthusiasm and praise for the multi-talented author who then took us through an interesting presentation taking us on a journey to why she wrote the book, what the inspiration behind the book was and where she got the idea for the setting and so much more. Barben's Magic Quest has an important message for children concerning the deterioration of forests worldwide and creates awareness of the subject in an enchanting, magical and adventurous way that children will enjoy.

When the slide show journey came to an end we nibbled on some delicious snackables while the children present were given a magical amulet each and had the opportunity to write a spell in the hope of opening the magic box and retrieving a yummy treat.

Elaine and Ron gave us an enchanting afternoon and I look forward to attending many more book launches from Aussie authors.

Supporting Aussie authors far and wide!

Take care,


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