Picture Book Workshop

Wow! What a hectic few months it's been for me. Not only with my own stuff, but assisting the whole family with things too. But I'm not complaining. I haven't totally neglected myself though - I really try not to do that, because I booked myself into another amazing workshop presented by the very inspirational children's book author Aleesah Darlison.

I met some wonderful like-minded writers and had a great time learning, being inspired, sharing and chatting.

The workshop was held at the Gondor Writers' Centre in Landsborough.

Check their website for more awesome workshops!

Here I am sharing a manuscript.

I received much needed feedback (constructive criticism) from attendees and Aleesah.

I heard some wonderful stories and discovered so much talent along the way.

Oh, and there were some yummy treats to nibble on, for inspiration you know..

And here we are, bundled together in the beautiful Gondor garden.

Take care,


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